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Touching the Lives of Families

With each seedling planted, comfort can be found in knowing that as one life ends, another is just beginning.

Arranged through Your Funeral Home

Upon the purchase a qualifying Batesville product and at the request of your funeral home, Batesville makes a donation for a tree seedling to be planted in a national forest or woodland.

Planted in Partnership

In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the Canadian Institute of Forestry and other international forestry organizations, these seedlings help to re-establish woodlands destroyed by forest fires, blight and other natural disasters.

Since 1976

Since the program’s inception nearly 50 years ago, Batesville has planted more than 14.5 million trees in honor of loved ones at no additional cost to their families.

A Living Memorial

Helping become more than a living, majestic memorial to your loved one. They also help provide shelter for wildlife and create a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations.

Living Memorial Planting Locations
Close up of evergreen branch

More products now qualify for the Living Memorial Program*

*Keepsakes, miniature urns and memorialization items purchased separately do not qualify for submission.

All burial and cremation caskets, including the entire NewPointe® collection, and NEW Generations™ line

Rental caskets and inserts

Cremation caskets

Full-size urns, memento chests and urn vaults

The Gift of Remembrance & Renewal

  • The visits, thoughts and prayers meant so much to us and helped us make such a hard and difficult time much more bearable. It will never be forgotten.

    A family from North Carolina
  • I was unaware of your Living Memorial program of planting trees. However, it is the perfect memorial to my husband who worked for a tree company. He had to know every type of tree by its leaves and bark. We would take walks in our nearby reserve, and he would point out all the different trees that grow there. This memorial means so much to me.

    A family from Ohio
  • Thank you so much for honoring our beautiful Linda. She is my angel and the love of my life. The planting is a wonderful, living gift.

    A family from Texas
  • This tree is a living tribute to the beautiful memories my mother and I shared. Thank you for providing me with a living symbol of remembrance and renewal.

    A family from Iowa
  • When our father/grandfather passed away, knowing that Batesville planted a tree in his memory meant so much to all of us. Thank you for planting a lasting memory of our beloved.

    A family from South Dakota
  • Received a beautiful letter from this company today saying that they were going to plant a tree in his honor for my deceased husband in a US National Park. It was a recommendation sent in by my local funeral home in Louisiana. I am so very honored by both companies for them doing this for me. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH AND BLESSINGS ALWAYS.

    A family in Louisiana

Support National Forests

Doing a world of good, one tree at a time.

Wildfire Reforestation

From the Plains to the West Coast, we’re at the forefront of wildfire recovery and reforestation.

Urgent Support

Alongside wildfire support, we plant in areas in need of reforestation after disease and drought.

Habitat Preservation

Each Living Memorial seedling planted helps restore and preserve precious natural habitats.