Living Memorial Tree Planting Locations

Close up of evergreen branch

The forest listed is directly benefiting from Living Memorial donations. Plantings may include a mix of species, such as various pines, willows, cottonwood, spruces, firs, and cedars, which are more resilient to insects and pathogens and are better adapted to periodic droughts and fire.

We hope you find peace in knowing that the tree seedling planted in honor of your loved one will have a lasting impact on our environment.

United States Plantings

The Living Memorial® Program is administered in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service as part of a major reforestation endeavor. The species and location of the tree plantings are determined by the Forest Service, based on the areas of greatest need. For those memorials requested in 2022, seedlings will be planted throughout 2023.

StateNational Forest
IdahoNez Perce-Clearwater - Located in north central Idaho lies this 4-million-acres forest. From the dry, rugged canyons to the cedar forests and rolling uplands, there is something for everyone. Nearly half of the forest is designated as wilderness. Seedlings scheduled for planting in 2023 are the Western larch & Western white pine. Activities include scenic driving, camping, hiking, fishing, OHV riding, horseback riding, and nature viewing.
U.S. Forest Service Planting Locations - 2023

Canadian Plantings

The Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) has arranged for the planting of mature trees, tree seedlings and shrubs on behalf of Batesville. This report provides the status of tree planting activities in memory of lives lost in 2022.

AlbertaDuring May 2023, 495 white spruce seedlings were planted by the Alberta Junior Forest Warden Association throughout the Medicine River Wildlife Center in Spruce View, Alberta.
British Columbia304 hybrid white spruce seedlings were planted throughout a site that had been harvested within the last 5 years west of Prince George, BC. The seedlings were planted by students at the University of Northern British Columbia as an educational experience in September 2023.
ManitobaIn July 2023, 870 spruce seedlings were planted across Manitoba by high school aged indigenous youth taking part in the Outland Youth Employment Program. The program gives youths an opportunity to take part in a natural resource work experience, education and training program spanning six weeks each summer.
New Brunswick70 red oak, bur oak, ash, and cedar seedlings were planted along the Woolastog River as well as in various locations throughout Knowlesville, Parish of Brighton, and others. Seedlings were planted by The Tree Project during the spring of 2023.
Newfoundland66 white and black spruce seedlings were planted in October 2023 on a reclamation site of a former landfill near the TransCanada Highway.
Nova Scotia17 blue and red spruce seedlings were planted by the Trail Blazers after-school program and Chester & Area Family Resource Centre during May and September 2023. Students from grades 2 to 5 learned how to plant trees and the importance of trees in the environment.
Prince Edward Island3 maple and white pine seedlings were planted during the Prince Edward Island Batesville Living Memorial Tree Planting Event held in cooperation with the 4-H PEI Eastern Regional Council.
Ontario2,139 white spruce, red pine, and white pine seedlings were planted throughout May and June 2023 by Green Side Up. The seedlings were planted in private and public forests at three main sites: Mattawa, Papineau-Cameron Township, and Renfrew County.
QuebecThroughout May 2023, 451 seedlings were planted in soya fields south of Massueville. Species planted included red oak, bur oak, white oak, sugar maple, black cherry, black walnut, and bitternut hickory.
SaskatchewanThe planting of 338 seedlings included a variety of species, such as trembling aspen, chokecherry, Siberian larch, white spruce, Manitoba maple, and green ash. The seedlings were planted in several locations throughout Saskatchewan, including Spadina Cresent, Wanuskewin Road, Chief Whitecap Park, and Kiwanis Memorial Park from May through October.
Canadian Institute of Forestry Planting Locations - 2023