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Who we are

Founded in 1884 as the Batesville Coffin Company, Batesville was purchased by John A. Hillenbrand in 1906, when it became the Batesville Casket Company. ​

Over the years, we’ve fulfilled Hillenbrand’s vision to create the finest funeral products. Today, Batesville is a trusted leading provider of quality products and business solutions in the death care industry, offering the widest selection of burial and cremation products, memorial keepsakes and business and technology solutions that meet the changing needs of families and licensed funeral professionals across North America.

A true partner

Batesville is committed to creating products that help families find healing and build a stronger future for funeral professionals and the death care industry. We do this by providing:


We help funeral professionals meet the needs of families experiencing a loss and start them on the path to healing.


We deliver innovative products and solutions that make a difference in the lives of families and matter to the funeral industry.

More ways to honor lives

We create opportunities to help families understand the value of meaningful funerals and honoring their loved ones with a personalized tribute.

A purpose-driven mission

We help families honor the lives of those they love® in everything we do, from our products and services to our deep connections and partnerships with the funeral industry.


A legacy of excellence

Our history of manufacturing excellence, product innovation, superior customer service, and reliable distribution spans more than a century. Our passion has never been stronger to lead the industry with positive changes that enhance funeral service.

  • City of Batesville on a printed map

    Batesville Coffin Company is founded in Batesville, Indiana.

  • Archival photo of John Hillenbrand

    John A. Hillenbrand purchases Batesville Coffin Company and changes its name to Batesville Casket Company.

  • Archival photo of metal casket assembly line

    Batesville begins manufacturing metal caskets.

  • Casket lid gasket

    Continuing to innovate in casket design, the company introduces the original gasketed casket and first safety-sealed hardware.

  • Batesville Memorial record for caskets

    The Memorial Record® system allows caskets to be sensitively identified after disaster.

  • Batesville casket lift and tilt feature

    Continuing innovation in casket design, Batesville introduces the lift/tilt adjustable bed.

  • Casket swing bar handles to the side of caskets

    Swing bar hardware is introduced on Batesville caskets.

  • Embroidery machine for personalized casket features

    The first embroidered designs for casket interiors are created and launched, lending a more personal touch to Batesville caskets.

  • Batesville semis fleet

    First nationwide distribution system, allowing the fast, reliable delivery across the country.

  • Hands with pine tree in soil

    The company starts its Living Memorial® program. Since then, more than 14.5 million trees have been planted under this program.

  • Oversized casket

    Recognizing a shift in consumer trends, Batesville launches fully tested and warranted oversize caskets.

  • Plush casket interior

    Plush casket interiors are introduced for the first time.

  • fail Safe casket liner

    Batesville releases the FailSafe® liner for metal caskets.

  • Personalized urn

    The company launches its Options® cremation line.

  • Casket personalized corners

    As part of an increasing focus on personalization, LifeSymbols® corners are introduced.

  • Memory safe drawer for caskets

    Batesville introduces the MemorySafe® drawer as a customization option.

  • Dimensions brand caskets

    Dimensions® by Batesville is introduced to serve the oversize and plus size casket market.

  • Personalized caskets with medallions

    LifeStories® caskets and medallions are added to the product offering, increasing the range of options for personalizing Batesville caskets.

  • Bateville website technology

    Expanded technology platforms offer complete business solutions to the industry.

  • Dual overlay casket fabric close-up

    A flexible dual overlay is introduced, marking a continued focus on innovation and personalization.


In the news

Through innovation and craftsmanship, we create funeral and memorialization products that support funeral professionals and the families they serve.


Join the Batesville family

Joining Batesville means becoming part of a tight-knit family that thrives on teamwork, community, and making a difference in peoples' lives.


Professional associations

We help support the death care industry through long-term relationships with professional associations across the US and Canada.