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Seeding Batesville’s Tree Planting Story

Batesville is committed to strengthening communities through our mission of helping families honor the lives of those they love®. Our tree programs fulfill that mission with the planting of a seedling to symbolize the living legacy of a loved one.

Living Memorial hand with plant in soil

Doing a world of good, one tree at a time.

Among the world’s largest private reforestation initiatives, Batesville’s tree programs help to re-establish destroyed woodlands, help provide shelter for wildlife and create a more sustainable world for future generations. These programs reflect Batesville’s commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Living Memorial Takes Root

In 1976, Batesville established the Living Memorial program. When a family selects a qualifying product, their funeral home may arrange to have a tree planted as a gift in memory of the loved one. Along with partnered forestry services, over 14.5 million saplings have been planted.

About Living Memorial
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Matching Donations for Lasting Memories

Understanding that grief is not constrained by time, in 2023 the Living Memorial program branched out by allowing families to purchase memorial trees. Families often continue to honor their loved ones - sometimes on their birthdays, the anniversary of their passing or on holidays. For every purchase, Batesville will match you, tree for tree - and you can create a personalized keepsake e-certificate.

Plant Memorial Trees

Supporting Grief through Sympathy Trees

In 2020, Sympathy Trees sprouted forth as a way for family & friends to express their sympathy of deceased loved ones through the online obituaries of participating Funeral Home websites. Since that time, nearly 1.3 million trees have been planted.

Serving Families Sustainably

The saplings planted through Batesville’s tree planting programs help to re-establish woodlands destroyed by forest fires, blight, and other natural disasters. In addition, they help provide shelter for wildlife and create a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations – demonstrating Bate


Trees planted help preserve natural habitats, reduce water and wind erosion, and help purify the air.


In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs twice the amount of CO2 produced by an average car's annual mileage.


One mature tree can release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support four people.