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Who do I contact if I have questions about my Living Memorial purchase?  

You can reach our Customer Service team at 888.803.4339, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ET). Or you can also email us at [email protected]


What do you do with my personal information?

Details on how we will use your personal information can be found in our privacy policy located at www.batesville.com/privacy-policy/


How long do you keep personal information?

Details on how we will use your personal information can be found in our privacy policy located at www.batesville.com/privacy-policy/.  


Can I share the QR code in the mailer of the website address with my family and friends? Can I share via social media? 

Yes. We created the Living Memorial matching tree offering so families and their extended network of friends can plant trees as a lasting tribute to a loved one. We encourage you to share the website and link with your family and friends. We currently do not have a social sharing link built into the order confirmation, but feel free to share the page in your social channels as a way to engage with family and friends. And remember, for every tree you purchase, Batesville will donate one in memory of your loved one. 


Can I purchase memorial trees for someone who died long ago?  

Yes!  Grief and memorialization do not end at a certain period. Families continue to honor their loved ones – sometimes on their birthdays, the anniversary of their passing or on holidays. There is no time limit on the Living Memorial. Whether they passed recently or several years ago, planting a memorial tree is a great way to honor their life. We will match you, tree for tree! Go to livingmemorial.batesville.com to honor your loved one today. 


Do I have to enter the name of my loved one? What if I don’t want to share that information?  

All fields on the online Living Memorial order form are required fields to complete your purchase. If you choose not to convey the name of your loved one, you may enter something like “My Loved One” or “Someone Special”.


Why can’t I have the tree shipped to me so I can plant it? 

We have selected specific forests and locations that have reforestation needs. When you place an order, you will have the opportunity to select a region of the country for your memorial trees to be planted, or the area of greatest need. The Arbor Day Foundation will manage the fulfillment and planting with individual locations as part of broader reforestation efforts. Memorial trees cannot be shipped to individuals. You can learn more about our tree planting partnership with Arbor Day at www.Batesville.com/about-memorial-trees.  


Where will the trees be planted, and what type of tree is it?  

During checkout, you will have the opportunity to select the region of the United States for your memorial tree(s) to be planted. You can choose a specific region or ask for your tree to be planted in a forest of greatest need. The Arbor Day Foundation will be planting seedlings in your requested area. Your Living Memorial tree will be one of many species native to your chosen region of the United States to help restore forests in need and ensure the future of wildlife habitats.


Can I buy trees even if I did not purchase a Batesville product from the funeral home?  

Yes! While nothing can take the place of a loved one, there is comfort in knowing that as one life passes a new one is just beginning. Memorial trees are a tangible way to honor the life and legacy of a loved one, and we encourage anyone who has suffered a loss to participate, whether they bought a Batesville product or not. To purchase Living Memorial trees, visit livingmemorial.batesville.com. Batesville will match you tree for tree!


How do I receive and print my e-certificate?

Your e-certificate will be delivered as an Adobe Acrobat PDF attachment with your email receipt. You will be able to open and print the file with your computer and home printer. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat to do so. Print quality will vary and is dependent on the printer and paper used.


Can I change my e-certificate after I receive it?

Changes cannot be made to the e-certificate after your purchase is complete.


Are Living Memorial Trees tax deductible?

Batesville Casket Company, LLC is not a 501(c)(3) company and purchases of Living Memorial Trees are not tax deductible.