Helping Families

This is a starting place where you will find information to plan and carry out a funeral that is meaningful to you and your family, friends and relatives.

The Purpose of Funerals

When we experience the death of someone we love, a service fills several important needs. In this section you’ll learn why it’s important to have a funeral and how it can start you on the path to healing.

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Creating a Meaningful Service

Funerals are made up of different parts that, when combined, create an incredibly meaningful experience. Find out the most important elements to make a service meaningful.

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Planning a Funeral

Get help understanding the the steps in the planning process and the role of the funeral home in carrying out a meaningful service.

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Decisions You'll Make

Here we have outlined some of the choices you will make as you plan a touching tribute for your loved one.

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Understanding Grief

When someone you care about has died, it’s normal to feel shock and deep pain. Learning about grief and mourning can help you survive and eventually heal.

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Ask a Grief Counselor

As you and your family begin the funeral planning, grief and mourning process, a number of questions will surface. Here we have included a number of frequently asked questions that may help you, but we also encourage you to submit your own question to Dr. Wolfelt if it hasn’t been addressed.

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About Us


At Batesville, we are committed to assisting funeral homes in creating meaningful funerals that help families honor the lives of those they love. We do this by providing superior funeral products and services that help funeral professionals serve grieving families during a most difficult time.


This website features the contributions of Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, a respected author and educator on the topic of grief. He believes that meaningful funeral experiences help families and friends support one another, embrace their feelings, and embark on the journey to healing and transcendence. Learn more: