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We understand how to help even the most complex cemeteries, crematories and funeral homes in the industry maximize efficiency, grow revenue, reduce risk, and stay connected with families. Easily replace multiple disconnected technologies with a single system that seamlessly ties everything together. Our comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly system sets the standard for enterprise management software.

Batesville offers solutions to help you manage every aspect of your growing business. Our fully integrated, cloud-based systems include these standard features among several integrated modules.


  • Single source data entry
  • Real-time performance dashboard
  • Data validation & error checking
  • Document imaging & storage
  • Generate forms & reports
  • Digital arrangement planner


  • Centralized scheduling system
  • Contract management & pricing controls
  • Accounting Interface
  • Daily task management
  • Comprehensive Case Management

Available Modules

  • Funeral Home Management Module
  • Cemetery Management Module
  • Trust Fund Module
  • Sales Commission Module
  • Sales Lead Module
  • Inventory Control Module
  • Reporting & Data Entry Module
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The Business Management Solutions Advantage

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Batesville’s technology solutions are designed to deliver results that matter.

We intend to play a major role in providing new ways for death care professionals to actively use technology to their advantage, from before the first call until after the service. Our customers come to us because of our proven solutions, but stay with us because of our commitment to their success.

Hear some of their stories below:

Funeral Home + Cemetery Customer

Kevin Quinn portrait

“Our family, the Quinn’s, has had about a 40-year relationship
with Batesville. So naturally, when HMIS became part of the
Batesville family, our Batesville relationship only got stronger.

The Batesville technology team has been great to work with
over the years. Their software is the only choice in my opinion
for a combination property like Fred Hunter’s.
The way
Batesville’s system allows us to organize our data, calculate
complicated trusting dollars per the state of FL, calculate
commissions for PN counselors, and map our cemeteries
(to name a few) helps us truly streamline our operation.

Another great thing about Batesville is they always listen
to us when we have a new idea or initiative. The Batesville
technology team values each customer and continues
to improve upon the best funeral and cemetery software
solution in our industry.

Kevin G. Quinn Jr.
Owner of Fred Hunter’s Memorial Services
Hollywood, Florida 

Cemetery Customer

Dan Krueger portrait

“After 30+ years of utilizing the cemetery software developed
by HMIS and now sustained and improved by Batesville,
I have come to understand what an important role this tool
has become in the daily operations of our cemetery. It is a
tool that has streamlined our daily activities –
from lot sales
to interments and entombments to memorial sales. With
one entry, we can achieve records while also issuing work
orders, printing authorizations and contracts. One of the most
important tools is the mapping, saving us so much time in
assisting visitors to grave sites.

The customer service is beyond expectations. Batesville
is constantly improving the product and takes every issue
or suggestion seriously, very quickly providing a remedy
to the problem or improving the utility of the program. And
I especially appreciate their ability to customize the user
interface to fit our specific needs. We cannot imagine
managing the operation without this tool!

Dan R. Krueger
Manager, Beaverdale Memorial Park, Inc.
New Haven, Connecticut

Funeral Home & Crematorium Customer

Buddy Phaneuf portrait

No more redundant entry of information. The main reason we chose Batesville was the need to fully integrate nine stand-alone databases into one consolidated database. It was the only firm in the market with the capability of customizing what we needed in an affordable manner.We now have one web-based solution that seamlessly integrates preneed leads, preneed and at-need contracts, crematory data and caregiver contacts, and trust and insurance prefunding financials into one database. Our preneed, at-need and administrative staff now communicate with each other more efficiently and have the real-time data to serve families better. In fact, since we have been using Batesville, our overall customer satisfaction from our family surveys has increased.

Buddy Phaneuf
Phaneuf Funeral Home & Crematorium
Manchester, New Hampshire

Cemetery Mapping Module

A powerful solution that pays for itself! Mapping is a proven way to generate revenue and reduce risk. Implementation of our mapping system often results in identification of new cemetery property locations that become part of saleable inventory and oversold property that could have resulted in legal proceedings.

Cemetery Mapping Software

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