Burial Products

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Helpful Tips

What to Know When Selecting Caskets

Material: What it’s made of

Burial caskets are commonly available in either metal or wood. Some prefer metal for its durability, design/color variety and high-quality finishes. Others are drawn to the warmth and natural beauty of wood. We provide a range of styles in a variety of metals and wood species, so you can choose the right casket for your
loved one.

Design: What it looks like

Details make a difference, including considerations such as:

  • Style, grade and color of interior fabric
  • Color and level of finish – brushed or painted metals, highly polished or satin woods
  • Shape (based on the workmanship and materials involved) – from simpler, lower-priced square caskets to higher-value rounded
    urn designs
  • How handles and other hardware complement the casket’s overall appearance

Special Features: What it does to represent your loved one’s life

Some products allow you to participate in the final design and reflect individual interests, passions and history. They provide an opportunity to personalize with meaningful words, symbols or other reminders of a
one-of-a-kind life story.