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Why Families Choose Caskets

When a loved one dies, families must choose an appropriate container to hold their loved one before, during and after the funeral.  While many families have traditionally chosen coffins for this purpose, another common choice is a casket. Different from traditional coffins, caskets are larger, more substantial vessels made from the finest materials with unique features to help memorialise the life of a loved one.

Caskets are selected for a variety of reasons. Many families choose caskets because of long-standing family traditions.  For some, caskets are appropriate due to a specific religious or ethnic background.  Still other families simply want the very best for their loved-one and feel a casket is the right choice to honour the person they have lost.

The Batesville Difference

Batesville caskets represent a unique choice available to families in Australia.  Different from traditional coffins, Batesville caskets are larger, more substantial vessels made from the finest materials with unique features to help memorialise the lives of loved ones.

For over one hundred years, Batesville has manufactured the finest caskets available anywhere in the world.  Superior craftsmanship and the highest quality materials have become the hallmarks of the Batesville brand.  We take immense pride in fulfilling the needs of funeral directors as they serve families in their hour of greatest need, and we never forget that each of our products play an important role in representing a precious life of a loved one.

Partnering with Funeral Directors

Batesville takes great care in the manufacturing of each and every casket and urn and are committed to ensuring those products are provided to the family with the highest standards of quality and service.  As part of honouring that commitment, Batesville exclusively sells and distributes its burial caskets through a carefully chosen network – professional funeral directors.

Funeral directors have been selected for their ability to provide the right product for each family’s particular situation and information about our exclusive features. For many years, funeral directors have performed to high standards of service in their communities and displayed a comprehensive understanding of our products.

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Casket Collection

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Features & Benefits

There are a lot of little things that add up to make Batesville the best casket you can buy. Hidden, special touches like continuous seam welding on metal caskets, FailSafe® liners, cathodic protection, innovative locking mechanisms, beds that lift and tilt, the Memorial Record® System and the most reliable delivery network in funeral service are what make Batesville the top choice in casket selection.

Metal Casket Features

A. Perfection cut prevents rubbing as the head cap is raised and lowered, protecting against damage.

B. Adjustable bed and mattress; some models have a tilt feature.

C. One-piece gasket creates an effective closure between the top and bottom of the casket and helps resist the entrance of gravesite elements.

D. Memorial Record® system allows external identification without opening the casket.

E. Slotted wedge bar, pull-down studs, pressure equalizing hinges, and locking mechanism allow tight closure while preventing damage from over-tightening.

F. Casket is chemically treated to prevent corrosion from accumulation of fluids.

G. Continuous seam welding for added stability.

H. Some models have Cathodic Protection, a proven scientific method of inhibiting rust on the outer surfaces of metal caskets.

Wood Casket Features

A. Adjustable bed and mattress; some models have a tilt feature.

B. Multi-step finishing process for exceptional appearance.

C. Patented latch design offers audible verification of effective closure.

D. Memorial Record® system allows external identification without opening the casket.

E. FailSafe® liner retains fluids during service, transport and after interment.

F. Safety bottom: bed is attached to the vertical head and foot panel members, relieving casket bottom of stress from weight of bed and contents.

Lift-Tilt Bed

Batesville caskets feature adjustable beds that both lift and tilt to make it easier for the funeral director to position the body for enhanced viewing.

The lift mechanism attaches the bed to the head and foot panels of the casket allowing the bed to be easily raised and lowered at either end. The adjustment is accomplished by inserting a casket key into the mechanism and turning clockwise to raise or counterclockwise to lower. This allows the funeral director to raise the body for better viewing during visitation and then easily and quietly lower it in order to close the casket. In addition to raising and lowering, some caskets feature the lift-tilt mechanism, which allows for the body to be tilted toward the front or rear for better viewing.

FailSafe® Liner

A hidden feature that helps prevent leakage during the funeral service, in transport and after mausoleum interment. Located below the mattress, the FailSafe Liner’s sectional design enables it to hold up to 10 gallons of liquid. The FailSafe Liner is included in Batesville’s wood, bronze, copper, stainless steel and select carbon steel caskets.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection, a Batesville exclusive, is a proven rust prevention technology which has been used for years. It is used in many industries where steel is threatened by corrosion, such as in underground pipelines, ship hulls, water tanks, ocean piers, water heaters and other steel items which are in constant contact with water and corrosive elements.

Batesville’s basic stainless steel, 16 gauge and many 18 gauge models are enhanced with the patented cathodic process, which inhibits the formation of rust on the outer surfaces and extends the corrosion-resistance by 2.5 times.

How it works

When metal caskets come in contact with environmental elements, some areas of the metal may rust and corrode. With cathodic protection, when the bare steel is exposed to moisture or a damp soil, a magnesium anode sacrifices itself by sending active ions from under the casket to the less active or weakened areas. The ions travel by way of a slight electric current and moisture to the point where the casket is starting to corrode. A protective barrier forms and prevents any further corrosion.

Charpénte Interior System

A special feature on our LifeSymbols® Casket Collection, the Charpente interior system is a tailored framework that fastens over the casket edges for a cleaner appearance and to allow a clear view of the personalized corner selections.

Memorial Record System

Natural disasters bring trying times for entire communities. No family should undergo the additional stress or trauma that is brought on by a loved one’s casket being re-opened. That’s why Batesville develops their products with the family’s comfort and satisfaction in mind.  With our Memorial Record System, families can rest assured their loved ones’ remains are secure.

Each Batesville casket is equipped with a compact, leak-resistant compartment that is threaded into a corner of the casket. For any reason the casket is disentombed, the Memorial Record System is assured to stay intact, making identification much easier and less traumatic for families.

Many states, including Florida and Louisiana, now require caskets to have a means of external identification and have approved Batesville’s Memorial Record System for this purpose.

Personalization Features

Create value through personalization

A funeral that truly captures the spirit and personality of a loved one celebrates the life that has passed and gives comfort to those still living. With the help of a skilled funeral director, a family can create a service that incorporates personalized elements such as memory tables, photo collages, favorite music and other touches.

Because the casket typically serves as a visual and emotional focal point of the funeral service, it also provides an important opportunity for personalization. Through personalization, a casket can be more than just a burial vessel – it can become a reminder of all that made the loved one special.

Batesville offers many different ways to personalize a casket. Some features are designed to be used with a particular casket collection, while others can be used with nearly any Batesville burial product.

Medallions & Corners

The exclusive LifeStories collection offers you the flexibility to help every family design a personal tribute for someone they love.

You’ll find a variety of unique medallion designs that, when displayed in the casket lid or on the corners, provide a meaningful way to acknowledge life’s defining roles and relationships. Matching keepsake medallions are also available for sharing with family and friends.

Added to the corners of the casket, placed in an alcove or displayed on a memory table, LifeSymbols designs are a touching expression of the spirit, personality and interests of a loved one. These popular casket enhancements are also used as individual keepsakes for family and friends, and include themes for patriotism, gardening, sports, family relationships and spirituality.

Lifeview Panel

The LifeView Panel allows the casket itself to become the canvas for telling the story of a lifetime, using the loved one’s own photos and precious memorabilia to create a truly meaningful and moving tribute.

Embroidered Tribute Panels

Located in the lid of the casket, tribute panels provide a personal way to highlight a loved one’s interests, hobbies or values. Choices include spiritual symbols, organizational emblems, favorite pastimes or special relationships.

Embroidered Overthrows

A meaningful touch can be added to the casket through an embroidered message or a special design on the fabric overthrow.

MemorySafe Drawer

A unique feature built into the casket, the MemorySafe Drawer can be used to display cherished keepsakes during the visitation, or to secure private mementos and farewell messages.

The Living Memorial Programme

Since 1976, our Living Memorial® tree planning program has contributed to more than 13 million trees as a lasting memorial to loved ones.

  • Included with the purchase of most Batesville products, we arrange for a tree seedling to be planted in selected woodlands throughout the world.
  • We pay tribute to your loved one with a lasting memorial while helping the environment.
  • This program provides trees that shelter our wildlife, reduce water and wind erosion and contribute to the purity of the air we breathe.

The Living Memorial Program helps ensure that future generations will know the beauty of a green planet — a lasting legacy to a life well lived. Talk to your local funeral home for more information about this program.