Options for a Community Gathering

For those who wish to tell their loved one’s story, a personalized life commemoration with scheduled visitation time and planned ceremonial events allows family and friends to visit, share memories and show support.

A variety of choices are available to create a meaningful tribute, including:

  • Selecting a cremation casket or container
  • Choosing a memorial urn
  • Considering keepsakes and remembrance jewelry

Cremation Caskets

The casket or container is the resting place for your loved one before cremation, during the ceremony and at the time of cremation. A variety of choices are available that give dignity during the community visitation.

Memorial Urn

The memorial urn becomes the final resting place for your loved one and is often selected to complement the final placement location.

Final Placement Options




Ceremonial Scattering

Keepsakes & Remembrance Jewelry

As you plan the tribute to your loved one, it is important to create lasting, treasured memories. This can be done by sharing portions of the remains in uniquely designed jewelry or personal mementos like these.

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