Service is a choice. We are inspired by stories of customers like Kellee, who believe in being completely present for grieving families. Her longing to help others drives us every day.

“Funeral service to me is not something you do. It’s a ministry of sorts,” said Kellee Hall, general manager of Pye Funeral Home in Detroit, who was drawn to the profession after losing a sister as a teen. “This career path really chose me” said Kellee, embracing how her own experience with death has helped her better serve grieving families and remain sensitive to what they’re going through. She feels strengthened professionally as a result of her personal loss. “It’s hard to tell people how to get to a place you yourself have never been,” she said.

When Kellee joined the funeral home 16 years ago, they handled about 300 calls per year. Today they serve 1,200 families out of a single location. She could easily rely on a cookie-cutter approach to meet customers’ needs, but she does just the opposite and is inspired by helping people honor their loved ones’ individuality. “You can really personalize and make this about the individual and not like everybody else,” she said.

“Funeral service is who I’ve become,” said Kellee, emphasizing why she’s remained in this profession. “You have to have a heart of service, and Pye Funeral Home is in this business with heart and compassion.”

Kellee receives some challenging requests. “If a family wants something that strays from what’s normal, I’m calling Batesville,” she said. “There’s nothing I can’t ask for. If it’s possible, the answer is going to be ‘yes.’” She also relies on Batesville to help her offer every family a meaningful, dignified service at a budget they’re comfortable with. “In this time of economic uncertainty, people don’t always have the means to do what their heart wants them to do,” she said. Batesville’s NewPointe line, or as Kellee describes it, “looks without the price tag,” makes it easier to serve every family.

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