By: Kristin Burton On: December 27, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Do you remember when the internet was first introduced? Wasn’t it exciting to check your email on a dial-up modem and see a response to your message two days later? Fast forward to 2016 where you become frustrated if your text is not replied to within a couple of minutes!

It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is on a smartphone, obtaining information or communicating in a matter of seconds. The funeral profession is no exception: families and funeral professionals are looking for better ways to obtain information and Batesville is always looking at ways to provide you with the desired information as quickly as possible.

In 2016, we delivered technology enhancements that helped funeral professionals find new efficiencies, create connections and gain business insights. Here’s a quick synopsis of our technology year in review:


1. Easy-to-Use Funeral Home Websites with Powerful Functionality

The internet is cited as one of the top three resources used when searching for a funeral home. Because of the importance of an online presence, we provide funeral homes with easy-to-use websites that create connections with families and the communities they serve. It’s now easier than ever to:

  • Update your funeral home website. No technical experience required!
  • Add a complete obituary in less than five minutes.
  • Publish your obituary to the newspaper from your website through our integration with Memoriams.
  • Create stunning, multimedia tribute videos with Tukios. BONUS: Get a new video theme added every month!

2. New Online Grief Information and Training Materials

Knowing where to turn for grief and funeral planning information is not something most people think about. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop shop for information seekers and funeral professionals. Created in partnership with renowned author and grief counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt, our new website, www.batesville.com, provides:

  • A single, comprehensive resource for funeral professionals, planners and those who have experienced loss.
  • Grief resources and insights designed to demystify the purpose of funerals and education on decisions that will need to be made.
  • Funeral professionals, who create a free online account, access to online training to expand their knowledge and connections with families.

3. All-in-One Business Management System Provides Information at Your Fingertips

If you’ve ever been frustrated because it takes multiple computer systems to accomplish something, you’re not alone. MIS Professional, an all-in-one solution, connects your case management, business management, arrangement planner, and accounting systems. Enhanced functionalities include:

  • Customized screens to fit your process when callers contact your funeral home.
  • Visibility into family relationships to see how you’ve previously connected to a family.
  • Reporting for day-to-day activities to gain insights such as arranger activity, clergy reporting and a comprehensive calendar.

4. Virtual Product Selection Tool Makes it Easier to Serve Families

It’s easier than ever to view and select products online with Batesville’s Meaningful Selections merchandising system. Simply guide families through the virtual product selection process from the comfort of the arrangement office, selection room or even a family’s home. Enhancements now allow:

  • A side-by-side comparison of different products and options.
  • The ability to save and email product selections with photos included.
  • Creation of multiple virtual showrooms to meet the needs of different families, such as burial-or cremation-specific product assortments.

To learn more about Batesville or any of the technology enhancements made in 2016, visit www.batesville.com/products/technology-solutions/

With 2017 just around the corner, more technology changes are coming your way. We’d like to hear from funeral professionals about what’s on your technology wish list. Take our poll and let us know (log into your account at https://www.batesville.com/secure/login_page.php)!