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Soulmates are two people who feel a deep affinity for and closeness with one another. They are usually lovers and spouses or life partners—but not always. Soulmates are sometimes parent and child, siblings, or close friends. What matters is the strength and qualities of the bond in the relationship as experienced from inside it. The shorthand soulmates often use to describe one another is “the love of my life.”

When soulmates are separated by death, the surviving partners often describe their grief as much more devastating than any other loss they have encountered in their lives. Their grief is oversized and overwhelming. The intensely close relationship gives rise to intensely deep grief. The stronger the attachment in life, the stronger the grief after the death.

Healing soulmate grief takes what I have coined “heroic mourning.” What does this mean? It means that you must mourn as you well and as deeply as you loved. It takes medieval-style bravery. It also requires larger-than-life levels of faith, sacrifice, loyalty, commitment, adventure, and honor.

When Your Soulmate Dies: A Guide to Healing Through Heroic Mourning

Your quest is both harrowing and noble: to reconcile your epic grief and find meaning again in living the rest of your days. How can you possibly accomplish this? You’ll find the answers in the relationship you shared with your beloved. Learn to honor your soulmate and your grief even as you find a path to a renewed life of purpose and joy.

About the Author
Dr. Alan Wolfelt is a respected author and educator on the topic of healing in grief. He serves as Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition and is on the faculty at the University of Colorado Medical School’s Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Wolfelt has written many compassionate, bestselling books designed to help people mourn well so they can continue to love and live well, including When Your Soulmate Dies: A Guide to Healing Through Heroic Mourning, from which this article was excerpted.  Visit www.centerforloss.com to learn more about the natural and necessary process of grief and mourning and to order Dr. Wolfelt’s books.