Integrating Tukios Video Technology with Batesville’s Website Platform

Give customers the ability to:

  • Easily produce state-of-the-art memorial videos directly from the website.
  • Quickly create HD videos using an extensive library of themes, video clips, images, and music.
  • Provide video playback on website obituaries or during the service in the funeral home.
  •  Generate revenue by selling DVDs and other memorialization products to family & friends from the website.

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Automated Aftercare Program for Busy Funeral Directors

The Aftercare Card Program is designed to allow funeral directors to continue to support families during the twelve months after a death occurs through personalized communications that recognize milestones in their loved ones’ lives. The automated outreach program is a new value-added service for Batesville website customers that further enhances the family’s overall funeral experience. Automatically send your families four cards plus a survey during the first year following their loss

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My Tribute Gift – Memorial Donations

There are many ways to express sympathy after a loved one passes, and families often request donations in lieu of flowers. Provide families and friends with an easy way to make a memorial donation through your Web Pro website.

• Families and friends can donate through a secure site to designated charities

• Reporting capabilities provide families with details on who’s donated so they can send thank you notes

• Donators receive a tax receipt

Our Tribute Fund – Funeral Funding

When an unexpected loss occurs, it can be a difficult time for a family to incur funeral expenses. Allow families and friends to donate toward funeral expenses with funeral funding through your Web Pro website.

• Contributions support the cost of a funeral, allowing families to select the right product and service for their loved one

• Donators receive a confirmation email

• Funds are deposited directly into your account at the end of each month

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