Consumer Alert

To ensure that you receive maximum satisfaction with your casket purchase, Batesville exclusively sells and distributes its burial caskets through a carefully chosen network – licensed funeral homes. Funeral homes have been selected for their ability to provide the right casket for your particular situation and have been trained to provide information about our exclusive features. For many years, funeral homes operated by licensed funeral directors have performed to high standards of service to their communities and displayed a comprehensive understanding of our products.

Online retailers who are not funeral homes but nevertheless sell Batesville caskets are not authorized to do so, nor are they permitted to use our trademarks, copyrights or images on their websites. Because such online retailers are not authorized Batesville dealers, there is no guarantee of the delivery, timing or quality of casket you may purchase—or even that the casket purchased is truly a Batesville product.  Only authorized and licensed funeral homes can guarantee that your casket will be authentic and of the highest Batesville quality standards.