By: Kristin Burton On: February 08, 2018 In: News Comments: 0

If efficiency is one of your goals for 2018, you’ll love Batesville’s new online submission process for the Living Memorial program. After 40 years, and a lot of positive input from funeral directors, the company is officially retiring the paper postcards and transitioning to an all-digital submission process that is fast, easy and requires no postage. All you need is an active account on Bateville.com.

Getting started

You’ll find the online submission form in the Funeral Directors section of the website. If you aren’t registered, don’t worry. You can create an account on the sign-in screen using your six-digit Batesville account number.

  • When you log in, the Living Memorial will be one of the options listed under the Welcome message (upper right). This takes you directly to the online submission area.
  • Follow the simple instructions to submit your request, using the built-in drop-downs to select the salutation, relationship, language, state (or province), and other details.
  • You can review each form for proper spelling, address info and other data before submitting.
  • You must choose a disposition and provide the product code for the casket, container or urn purchased by the family. Remember, NewPointe® caskets DO NOT qualify for the Living Memorial.

Built-in flexibility

For your convenience, your funeral home name is pre-populated from our business records. Look closely to make sure this is how you want to present yourself to families. If not, simply type in the name you prefer and the system will save that as your standard when the first request is submitted.

  • Firms with multiple locations will be able to choose the appropriate name and location for each submission without entering that data each time.
  • After each submission, the system will refresh and a new form is presented, so you can submit multiple requests in the same session.
  • You’ll receive an email to confirm that a request was received and is being processed. This is an improvement over the paper system that will enhance your customer records.

Transition timeline and support

Since the formal notice in November, the transition has accelerated, with many firms moving quickly to the online form. Manual cards are still being accepted through the first half of 2018, but will not be reprinted once the current supply runs out. The exact timing will vary depending on product and geography.

You’ll find detailed information on the Living Memorial program, including a Tip Sheet for using the online submission process, sample materials and planting locations, when you login to your account on Batesville.com.