By: Christy Pavey On: April 26, 2017 In: News Comments: 0

When there’s a popular home décor trend, it’s no surprise that cremation families desire keepsake and memorial products to match their interior designs. With more families selecting cremation as the final disposition, offering the trendiest designs can be one way to differentiate your business.

Blown glass has become popular in home furnishings, so we now offer the Carlin Blown Glass Topper featuring handblown top quality crystal glass with a black and light grey swirl. We also offer a new Transcending Memories Topper and Captured Moments® Topper featuring original artwork designs cast from Lucite™ acrylic.

All three toppers can hold cremated remains and are designed to be used individually as keepsakes or with the Morgan or Walker bases to create a full capacity product.

270119 Carlin Blown Glass Topper

Carlin Blown Glass Topper

  • Top quality hand-blown glass
  • Black and light grey swirl accent
  • Each piece is unique
270118 Transcending Memories Topper

Transcending Memories Topper

  • Cast from original artwork
  • Lucite™ acrylic

Captured Moments® Topper

  • Cast from original artwork
  • Lucite acrylic with bronze dolphins

Additional Toppers Offered for the Morgan and Walker Bases: 

Walker 264754_264748 Angel

Angel Topper

264751 Candle Topper

Candle Topper

264749 Eagle Topper

Eagle Topper

264750 Frame Topper

Photo Frame Topper

Butterfly D 248387

LifeStories® Display Medallion