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Working in Finance

Our Finance team consists of financial reporting, FP&A, international accounting, credit and collections. More than number crunchers, our finance team provides insights to help our organization make more informed decisions.

“Our finance team does not just deliver numbers and data, but provides real insight and support in order to make better business decisions. We strive to be a world class finance team where our associates are developed and trained so that we are not just a support function, but a key part of the business.”

Dan Harmeyer, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

“It is very rewarding to be part of an organization that focuses on the development of their people. As an associate of Batesville, you are provided opportunities that refine your strengths and challenges that force you to leave your comfort zone in order to not only grow within your function but also as a business professional and leader. This environment of growth and development gives you the opportunity to see and understand the entire business and not be siloed into one role or department.”

William Holder, Plant Controller, Manchester, TN

“When I joined Batesville, I didn’t realize the span of opportunities which would be provided to me.  The various roles I have held have developed me personally and made a difference for our organization. Batesville’s intentional talent development isn’t just a sales pitch. When combined with the many opportunities in our organization, it allows our associates to build successful, fulfilling careers”

Sarah Reisman, Director of FP&A and Strategy

“Batesville is a company that provides an environment to excel in your area of expertise as well as stretching individuals to expand into other areas. We are a culture of ‘lead at every level’ that provides the forum for associates to be involved with projects that span multiple functions of the organization. This empowerment develops associates up the organization while taking on broader tasks and responsibilities.”

Alex Fledderman, Director of Supply Chain Finance

“I feel fortunate that Batesville has given me so many different opportunities for professional development.”

Lori Pulskamp, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis