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The Role of the Funeral Home

A funeral home and its staff play a critical role in planning and carrying out a meaningful funeral. They will provide you with:

Knowledge & Experience 
Licensed funeral directors are intimately familiar with the funeral planning process and the decisions a grieving family must make. Funeral directors have the knowledge and experience to help families understand the options available to them, to explain the value of different product features and to help create highly personalized, meaningful tributes.

Coordination & Planning
They provide value in a variety of ways before and after the service – arranging for removal of the body, obtaining required legal documents, preparing a loved one for viewing, planning the service, arranging for final disposition, providing facilities for the visitation and funeral service, and transporting the deceased and mourners to the final resting place.

Understanding Your Needs
Keep in mind that the funeral you have is essentially a statement your family makes to the community at large: “Someone precious to us has died. We are in grief and invite you to join us in remembering a life and supporting each other.” Your local funeral professional can handle the details and help you create a unique service that fits your needs and values.

Grief Support & Healing
Funeral Directors have been trained to help families through the grief process and can do so in an environment that is conducive to healing. They can guide you through the entire process, explain all of your options and help you to make decisions that help start the healing process. In a time of distress, they can be a voice of compassion and reason.

Funeral Planning Checklist

This is a naturally difficult time, compounded by the fact that you are faced with many decisions that must be made as you begin to plan the funeral. You may feel overwhelmed by these decisions. When you are able to make informed choices, you are empowered with the important information needed to plan a meaningful funeral. Here are some key topics and decisions you should review with your funeral home.

1. Life Story Information

  • Biographical Information
  • Survivors
  • Attributes or Passions
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Special Memories
  • Thoughts to Include in the Obituary

4. Memorial Items

  • Keepsakes
  • Remembrance Jewelry
  • Video Tributes
  • Stationery & Registry Book

2. Service Options

  • Visitation Date & Time
  • Ceremony Date & Time
  • Type of Service
  • Person to Lead Service
  • Person to Give Eulogy
  • Others Who May Want to Speak
  • Pallbearers
  • Music
  • Readings
  • Committal Service
  • Gathering After the Ceremony
  • Other personal touches like a memory board, favorite food, dove or butterfly release.

3. Merchandise Choices

For a burial, you will need to select:

  • Casket
  • Vault / Mausoleum
  • Cemetery
  • Monument

For cremation, you will need to select:

  • Casket or Container
  • Final Resting Place
  • Memorial Urn
  • Possibly an Urn Vault

Download Our Complete Planning Guide

This guide will walk you thorugh the information you will need and the decision you will need to make.  Complete this prior to the arrangement conference or as part of your pre-need planning and share it with your funeral director.