Family Choices® personalization offers many ways to celebrate
what made your loved one extraordinary. Discover techniques to help remember every story.

 LifeSymbols® and Display Medallions  •  Decorative Casket Panels  • Enhanced Interiors  •  Appliqués  •  Engraving  •  Digital Themes

Image Medallions


 Image medallions allow you to create unique mementos with personal photos or supplied images.
Engraving options are available for Image medallion keepsakes.

 Neidhard-Young Funeral Home shares their experience personalizing services with Batesville’s exclusive Image medallions. 

Deliver a personalized experience.


Funeral personalization is a touching way to highlight and honor a loved one’s unique life. There are many ways to provide a memorable, meaningful touch to a funeral and now it begins with themed obituaries available through our website platform.

Easily create stunning personalized obituaries, select from over 300 available images or upload a favorite family image for an even more customized look. Plus capture memories families will cherish forever.

With our Tukios integration, your funeral home can quickly create memorial videos directly from your website admin console.



See Phoebe’s personalized story

LifeSymbols 3D


 Four LifeSymbols 3D designs are available: Modern Angel, Western, Coastal and Eagle.
A base is included, giving you a beautiful display option for the LifeSymbols 3D after the service.
The base can hold cremated remains, flower petals or earth from the gravesite.

LifeSymbols 3D and Display Medallions


 LifeSymbols and display and keepsake medallions add a special touch,
visually expressing meaningful relationships, spirituality, affiliations, and interests.
Select from a variety of choices to create your tribute.

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