By: Kristin Burton On: March 28, 2017 In: News Comments: 0

Batesville introduced new casket design tools that use dynamic imaging technology to give consumers a realistic view of casket personalization. The new technology is available to all Batesville customers through the Meaningful Selections digital merchandising platform on Batesville.com.

“Our new technology helps you easily demonstrate the power of personalization,” said Troy Turner, chief marketing officer. Funeral professionals and families can configure a product with personalization representing a loved one’s personality, interests and affiliations. They can easily choose and virtually place any available options – LifeStories® medallions, LifeSymbols® designs and commemorative tribute panels on the casket themselves.

The new tools allow funeral directors to easily create a satisfying, interactive selection experience in the funeral home, the family’s home or other locations as needed, providing families a realistic view of their personalized product. Dynamic imaging technology encourages families to more actively participate in the selection process and experiment with different personalization combinations.  By being able to visualize their choices, they more readily find what speaks to them.


Dynamic imaging capability is currently available for 70 products, with plans to add more throughout the year. “Meaningful Selections has already made it so much easier to guide families through product selection using high-quality visuals and side-by-side comparisons,” said Turner.  “New functionality allows an up-close, multi-angle product view as families add their choice of personalization items.”

An added benefit, according to Turner, is the ability to create custom-tailored images that may be saved, printed or emailed to family members to aid in the selection process. “We’ve all seen images do what words can’t,” he said. “Now, a picture tells the story for you, conveying not only what’s possible, but why it’s of value,” said Turner.