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Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, cast member of The Fashion Hero television show, and author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, The Land of If Only, The Story Formula, and The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines, keynote speaker for the International Toastmasters Convention, and has keynoted major conferences and corporate events from coast to coast. Kelly’s wacky wit and powerful stories have charmed hearts and tickled funny bones for over 15 years. In addition to her role as a funny motivational speaker, Kelly teaches people her secret to connecting and having more influence in business, through the use of one tool – story. Sharing her own powerful journey through story and the formula she discovered, you come to that magical place where the art of story meets the business of persuasion.


If you are planning to attend CANA’s 2018 Cremation Symposium in Las Vegas, NV Feburary 6-8, be sure to attend the opening and closing sessions by renowned motivational speaker and writer, Kelly Swanson.


You. Your Story. Make an Impact.

Follow funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson on her personal journey through the power of story. Experience the power of story and its ability to engage you on an emotional level. Learn the science behind story and Kelly’s Trojan Horse principle of connection. Understand that it’s no longer about selling, it’s about connecting. And when we can master the art of connection, our employees are happier, and so are our customers. Our greatest tool is story.

Attendees will learn why story is important in their business, and how story can influence in a way that data can’t. They will learn the three key components of an effective connection story. They will walk away inspired in their story and eager to learn more about the story of those they serve.


The Story Formula: Connect and Engage through Strategic Storytelling 

Now that we understand WHY story matters so much to our business, let’s look at HOW to do it. This session walks you deeper into the art of connection using story. Learn the intent of story, how to gather the data needed to use story to engage employees and connect to customers, how to put the story together in a simple way that has maximum impact, and Kelly’s anatomy of a presentation (even when you don’t really give presentations) – in an easy template to apply in every situation where you want to influence. BUT WAIT! There’s more! In addition to learning the formula, Kelly will actually show you how the formula applies to real life stories from your business. Watch your peers get up into the “hot seat” and get a story makeover. In just minutes you’ll see how a few words can make all the difference. Buckle up, it’s going to be an amazing ride!