By: Kristin Burton On: January 19, 2017 In: News, Uncategorized Comments: 0

Whenever a new app or technology offering comes out, you’ll often hear people say, “Why would anyone need that? I just want to be able to do (fill in the blank).” The truth is, new technology is great, but not if it doesn’t help with your most pressing needs.

A few weeks ago, Batesville asked funeral professionals one simple question: What’s on your technology wish list for 2017?  The online survey sparked immediate interest, with more than 400 people responding.

Participants were given a list of more than a dozen different options – from additional revenue through e-commerce to software that simplifies my life. Not surprisingly, the number one vote-getter was “Tools that make it easier to do my job.” Almost 60% of respondents put that on their wish list.

Technology Results - Top 5

Here you see the top 5 results – these are all things that matter to funeral professionals, but is there something more to the data?

We believe there is. First, and most exciting, it shows just how far our industry has come. People are no longer afraid of technology. Today’s funeral directors recognize that technology is an enabler of success, a multi-dimensional toolkit that can help make their business better – not only within the funeral home, but when they are away and in how they connect with their community.
And it’s pretty easy to see that the top wish – to have tools that make life easier – is truly the sum of the other four parts. There is no question if you have tools that let you stay connected to your office, your staff and families in your community, productivity rises and your life will be simpler. It will be easier to do your job!

The best news of all is that all of these things are possible – and easy to execute.

What’s on your wish list? Batesville has a full range of technology solutions to simplify your life and make it easier to manage your business. Talk to a Batesville representative today and make the most of 2017!